Activities & Facilities


Lowland Garden Walk

Lush dipterocarp forest vegetation and lianas cover the lower regions giving way to thick damp mossy forests as the altitude gets higher and temperatures get cooler.

The variety of plant life found within the park include Agathis, Mountain Ru, Tree ferns, different species of orchids and begonia. A particularly interesting species is the Mengaris tree whose smooth grey trunk makes it particularly difficult to climb. The 'Orkid Telinga Gajah (Phalaenopsis gigantea) is a wild orchid endemic only in Borneo and in Sabah this orchid species is only found in Tawau Hills Park and Tenom.

This orchid is unique as some may have up to six leaves as compared to three and four in other wild orchids. Its flowers would bloom only twice in three years, while the flowers can last up to six months. Lowland Garden has some 200 species of orchids and about 6,000 of orchid plants. Apart from orchids, the it’s also showcases some 60 species of ferns including the giant ferns, 43 species of 'halia hutan' (globa panicoides), wild yam (Colocasia esculenta) and herbs such as 'Tongkat Ali', 'Kacip Fatimah' and incense.


Outdoor social gathering such as picnic and overnight camping (designated site within the Tawau Hills Park hq) can be done in many of the existing shelters.
Please be inform that Camping services are handled by KOKTAS.

Jungle Trekking
Forest Trail To Mt. Magdalena, Mt. Lucia And Mt. Maria

For the more adventurous hiker a 14 km long trail to the highest peak in Tawau Hills Park at Mt. Magdalena. The walk meander through the lowland forest and lower montane forest. 3 days is required and recommended to do the climb. A hostel is available at km10. Guides and porters and climbing permit should be obtained from Sabah Parks before your climb.

The Waterfall

The rivers in the park tumble over several attractive waterfalls, and the Table Waterfall has created a natural swimming pool. Past more spectacular waterfalls, but you need to count two hours of trekking is the Bukit Gelas Waterfall and will pass The Sulphur Spring.

Bombalai Hill

Bombalai Hill (530m) is only about a half-an-hour jungle walk. From the hill you have a panoramic view of cacao and palm oil plantations, Tawau town and at the horizon the Sulawesi Sea.

Nature trail - Mountain Trail Challenge

The Mountain Trail is the one of the major highlights of Tawau Hills Park. For those who are healthy and fit, it can be an extremely satisfying and achieveable climb. Allow at least two days for the outing. Make sure you are equipped for wet and cold weather. You are required to register for the climb and a guide is compulsory. If desired, porters may be engaged. 2 Major Route-The Mountain Trail has 2 major route which, namely Mt. Lucia & Mt. Magdalena trail and Mt. Maria trail. Tourist can now walk the trail with guides, and overnight in hostel.



Various kind of accommodations were available in Tawau Hills Park and run by KOKTAS.(Sabahparks staffs co-operative).


There is a hostel facility at KM10.5 (Mt. Magdalena trail) for visitors. The hostel is equipped with kitchen, bathroom facilities and furnitures. It has 7 rooms which can accommodate 6 people per rooms at any one time. For booking, please contact the Tawau Hills Park Manager or our headoffice in Kota Kinabalu.


A restaurant, canteen and snack shop were available which is run by KOKTAS.(Sabahparks staffs co-operative).

Soccer Field/Mini Hall & Court Games

There is a soccer field in Tawau Hills Park and a mini hall for court games (sepak takraw, badminton and volleyball) which is regularly used by sabah parks staffs. However, visitor who were keen to use it, please obtain permission from park manager / officer in-charge.

Meeting/Seminar/Workshop Room

There is a small conference room suitable for meeting/seminar/workshop in Tawau Hills Park. It could be rented out to visitors/public if unoccupied by Sabah Parks staffs. For booking please contact Sabah Parks hq/park manager/officer in-charge.


Surau were available for Muslim visitor.

Lowland Garden

There are various wild plants which are cultivated for display especially orchids, wild ginger and herbs. it’s also showcases some 60 species of ferns including the giant ferns.

Dipterocarp garden

A Dipterocarp garden is underway showcasing the lush tropical lowland dipterocap forest with the world tallest tropical tree as the main attraction. Other facilities includes shelters and BBQ stand, public toilet, shower room, hanging bridge. Watch towers with life guards for security purposes.