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Mount Kinabalu Climbing

An explanation on the process of booking for Mount Kinabalu Climbing and Hostel


Mount Kinabalu climbing for 2023 (January to December) are officially OPEN for booking.

  • Please use the NEW website for booking at https://reservation.sabahparks.org.my link starting on 06 December 2022. The previous link at https://booking.sabahparks.org.my is INVALID.
  • You are required to register by creating a new account in the 2023 reservation system as this is a new version from 2022 reservation system.
  • You are given only 30 minutes to complete the reservation.
  • Technical assistance:
    Please contact 6088-273238 or direct email to contactus@terazglobal.com.my.
The Mount Kinabalu Booking System are jointly administered by Teraz Global on behalf of Sabah Parks.

Latest Mount Kinabalu Climbing pricing. Date of update : 30th November 2022

Mount Kinabalu Climbing Brochure

Image not so clear? Don't worry, you can download the brochure by clicking the download button below.
Mount Kinabalu Climbing Brochure