The Turtle Islands Park lies 40 km north of Sandakan.The park comprises three small islands, Selingan, Gulisan and Bakungan Kechil. It covers an area of 1,740 hectares which includes the surrounding reefs and seas. Two species of turtles - Greens and Hawksbills are special features of this park. Throughout the year, they come ashore at night to lay their eggs. Hatcheries exist on all three islands. Sea Turtles are not the only attraction of the islands. The clear turquoise coloured sea and coral reefs are ideal for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving. When the fruit trees are in season, the islands have another interesting visitor - the Island Flying Fox. The islands became a marine park in 1977. Staff are resident on all three islands to safeguard the park.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours : 8.00am - 5.00pm (Monday to Sunday)

Turtle Islands Park

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Turtle Islands Park, Sandakan

Listed below are the updated conservation, diving and camera fees.

# Particulars 18 Years & Above Below 18 Years Old 55 Years & Above Remarks
01 Conservation Fee (Malaysian) RM 20 RM 10 RM 20
02 Conservation Fee (International) RM 60 RM 30 RM 60 --
03 Diving Fee (Malaysian) RM 20 (per person) RM 20 (per person) RM 15 --
04 Diving Fee (International) RM 50 (per person) RM 50 (per person) RM 50 --
05 Diving Fee (Registered Dive Operator Worker) Free throughout during handling diving course --
06 Diving Fee (Dive Student) Pay once only during the whole diving course --
07 Camera Fee RM 10 (the use of a camera to photograph turtles at night without a light scanning) --


# Island Area Size
01 Selingan Island 8.1 ha (land)
02 Bakungan Kecil Island 8.5 ha (land)
03 Gulisan Island 1.6 ha (land)

Pulau Gulisan

Pulau Gulisan is only 1.6 hectares in size and is the smallest of the three islands. Much of the land has eroded away leaving only the central portion still under vegetation. Hawksbills prefer to lay their eggs on Pulau Gulisan where the type of beach and vegetation are particularly favourable. The hatchery is well shaded by the trees growing around it.

Pulau Bakkungan Kechil

The largest of the three islands is Pulau Bakkungan Kechil. This 8.5 hectares island is the nearest to the Philippines border.The island has a wide promontory to the southeast. In the centre of the island there is a hill where mud volcanoes are still active and bubbling mud and water ooze out from it. The northern and western beaches are favoured by the Green turtles.