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Enforcement and Operation Divison


Park Enactment 1984

Park Enactment 1984

Official Document of Park Enactment 1984

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Parks Management & Operation Division - Protection & Enforcement Section

The establishment of this unit is for the purpose of protecting resources, the safety of visitors and the public in the areas of the Parks.

  • To prepare Plan or Protection and enforcement program of the parks.
  • Planning and sumbit the needed financial syor and Resources of Sub-Division Protection and enforcement of the parks.
  • Preparing Plan or the Tourist Safety Program and the public in the Park.
  • Coordinate and monitor the implementation of the Plan or Parks Protection and Enforcement Program.
  • To ensure the enactment, regulation, order of the board and the regards condition with Parks Affair is enough and practically for the purpose of handling, protecting and conservating the park areas.
  • Recommending changes and improving the policy of the park.
  • Preparing draft amendment of Parks Enactment 1984.
  • Preparing and maintaining gazetted park uniform.
  • To establish and maintain relationships in various stages of the state in relation to the protection and law enforcement within protected areas.
  • Assess and provide reports of the effectiveness in implementation of the Plan or Protection and Enforcement Parks Program and proposing step for improvement.
  • Involve Park in a joint venture or integrated operations that provide benefits and positive impact to the protection of park resources. For example:
    • * Philippine-Malaysia border operation (Border Patrol Coordinating Group/ BPCG, and PhilMal/ Philiphine-Malaysia)
    • Joint Intelligence Working, Sabah Group (JIWG, Sabah)
    • Patroli-Koordinasi Kastam Indonesia-Malaysia (PATKORKASTIMA)
  • Provide input on the Physical Development Plan to ensure that the implementation Park Physical Development Plan is consistent and parallel with the objectives of Terrestrial Parks Protection and Enforcement. The input is to ensure that such things as the following:
    • Protection of resources and natural features are given priority.
    • The suitability of the specification and design of projects in terms of consumer safety/travel, and emergency response.
  • Plan to increase capacity (Capacity Building) to ensure that officers and employees of the Protection & Enforcement are high quality, robust and efficient.