Mount Kinabalu Training Centre ready October

Jun 12, 2024

The first High Level Climbing Training Centre (PLPAT) in Malaysia is set to open in October this year on Mount Kinabalu, said Sabah Park (TTS) Director, Dr Maklarin Lakim, here, recently.

Speaking during the ceremony to commemorate the Tragedy of the 2015 Mount Kinabalu Earthquake Victims at Kiau Gap View in Sabah Park, Maklarin said in addition to PLPAT, the Layang-Layang hostel is now under development and that technical equipment are being provided for completion.

“PLPAT and the Layang-Layang hostel are planned to be completed simultaneously in October. I hope the target can be met because the launch was originally scheduled for this morning (June 8).

“The launch was postponed due to the constraints faced, including the completion of the building by the contractor as well as the purchase of technical equipment for climbing and its installation at the top of the mountain,” he said.

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