Substation - Kinabalu Park

The Kinabalu Park boundaries stretches over 100km long in 3 districts and monitoring it would be an exasperating task for enforcement officers. Substations were set up at strategic locations around the park's boundaries. Beside serving as a ranger outposts, substations are gaining popularity due to its unique natural attractions and easy access for local visitors. The substation was also frequently used by the Sabah Parks research unit conducting floral and faunal inventories.

List of Kinabalu Park Substation

01Poring Hot Springs SubstationRanau
02Mesilau SubstationKundasang - 04.07.1995
03Sayap SubstationKota Belud - 1992
04Serinsim SubstationKota Marudu - 1995
05Monggis SubstationRanau
06Nalapak SubstationKota Marudu - 1995

The Serinsim substation is about 32km from Kota Marudu and lies between the Serinsim and Kinarom river. A hostel which could accomodate 16 person is available for the public. Amongs the attractions at Serinsim were 'Makam SiGunting' or Si Gunting graveyard, Bat Cave and trail to the summit of Namboyukong.

The Monggis is about 45km from Ranau town and climbing Mount Tomboyukon begins from this sub-station.

The Sayap is known for its hiking trails that lead to the Kemantis waterfall.

The Nalapak is a ranger outpost also known as 'sub-stesen Utara' or north sub-station due to its location in the northern most tip of Kinabalu Park.