Facilities Poring Hot Spring


Outdoor social gathering such as picnic and overnight camping (designated site within the Poring Hots Spring hq) can be done in many of the existing shelters. These shelters are equipped with tables and seating of varied design and materials. They can also be lighted at night. These facilities are quite close to the river stream. Others facilities are public toilet, shower room, hanging bridge and life guards for security purposes.

Soccer Field
There is a soccer field on Poring Hot which is regularly used by sabah parks staffs. However, visitor that keen to use it, please obtain permission from park warden / officer in-charge.

Exhibition Centre
An exhibit centre can be found in Poring Hot Springs. It is open daily from 9.00am to 4.00 pm. It could accomodate 20-30 people. A video show is also available for visitors.

Surau or prayer room were available for muslim visitor.