The Board of Trustees of
Sabah Parks

Message from the Director


Greetings and welcome to Malaysia. This is the first year of my tenure as the Director of Sabah Parks. The management organization has shown its maturity and adaptation towards operating in a more fluid manner. Various programmes planned at the beginning of the year have been implemented accordingly as scheduled. 

In continuing the previous year works momentum, the park operation has been continued with programmes underlined under the BBEC phase two programmes. This is aimed at creating a model of protected area management in collaboration with local communities occupied the park area, within the designated community use zone at the Crocker Range Park. The parks enforcement and protection activities throughout Sabah have been enhanced continuously. Several park encroachers have been detained in both marine and terrestrial parks. Most of the cases were related to sandal woods collection and fishing inside the parks. 

Research and education activities have also been intensified. Among others, a The Environmental Awareness Campaign will be implemented in early this year. This is followed by a few international conference and internal workshop.

We have been committed and still to collaborate with various agencies in carrying out various nature conservation programmes. These include government agencies and non-government organizations involving in protected area management such as Coral Triangle Initiatives, Sulu Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion and Bornean Biodiversity and Ecosystem Conservation (BBEC) phase two. Collaboration approach appeared beneficial in strengthening the park conservation efforts. Sabah Parks continued collaboration with WWF in gazzettment of Tun Mustapha marine Park; Marine Conservati Society (MCS) in conserving the Tun Sakaran Marine Park; and Global Diversiti Foundation (GDF) in management of local community in in Community Use Zone of the Crocker Range Park.Conservation and protection of park areas generated economic activities through eco-tourism sector.

Apparently, number of park visitors keeps increasing from year to year. As in previous years, the number salvation for a visit to the park predicted increase.Management and control of climbers to Mount Kinabalu and scuba divers at Sipadan Island were our main focus of this issue. Opportunity gained is an increase in parks revenue. On the other hand, such increase has impacted the areas designated as recreation sites. As such the parks will continue to ascertain the balance of revenue collection and impacts of visitors resulted in a beneficial conclusion.

Happy reading.

The Board of Trustees of The Sabah Parks