The Board of Trustees of
Sabah Parks

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Sabah Parks is comprised of ten (10) members who are appointed by His Excellency the Head of State of Sabah. Appointed members are mandated to held posts such as Chairman, Deputy Chairman, three ex-officio members (Holders of Permanent Secretary of Ministries those: under which Sabah Parks is placed, Ministry of Finance and Secretary of Natural Resources), four (4) other members and the Director of Sabah Parks.

Following is the list of members of the Board of Trustees of The Sabah Parks. for the terms of 01 January 2013 - Current:

ChairmanY.M Dato' Seri Dr. Tengku Zainal Adlin Bin Tengku Mahamood
Deputy ChairmanYBhg Tuan Haji Faez Ainstein Bin Nordin
Ex-Officio MemberPermanent Secretary of Tourism, Culture & Environment Ministry Sabah (YBhg Datu Rosmadi Bin Datu Sulai)
Ex-Officio MemberSecretary of Natural Resources (YBhg Tuan Haji Amat Mohd. Yusof)
Ex-Officio MemberPermanent Secretary of Finance Ministry (YBhg Datuk Pg. Hassanel Bin Datuk Hj. Pg. Mohd. Tahir)
MemberYBhg Datin Dr. Lungkiam Binti Dambul Dumaring
MemberYBhg Dr. Chu Jan Tow
MemberYBhg En. Azhar Bin Matussin
MemberYBhg En. Chang Yun Hin
MemberDirector of Sabah Parks (YBhg Dr. Jamili Nais)