Taman Tunku Abdul Rahman Parks are known for it's water sports activities such as scuba dive, snorkeling and etc. However due to the safety of the visitors, some part of the island is decreed as no activities zone. This is to ensure the safety of all visitors are well kept by the lifeguard of Taman Tunku Abdul Rahman. Please refer to ' ZONING FOR RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES' map.


The serenity and tranquility offered by Taman Tunku Abdul Rahman Parks are the main reason for the local / foreign visitors made Manukan Island as their picnic spot. 15 minutes boat ride from the city and viola! We're there.


For visitors that have put on your trekking sneakers, they are also jungle trail located at Base Camp, Pulau Gaya. Trail that stretch around 0.5 kilometers are enough to educate us generally regarding marsh jungle. For the comfort of our visitors, all trail are equip with plank walk for your convenience. Enjoy your walk!

Soccer Field/Court Games

There is a soccer field on Tunku Abdul Rahman Park and court games (sepak takraw and volleyball) which is regularly used by sabah parks staffs. However, visitor that keen to use it, please obtain permission from park warden / officer in-charge.


The Sabah Parks Board Of Trustees
The Sabah Parks Board Of Trustees


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